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Chatham-County-Swearing-InOver the past 4 years we have worked hard to keep our promises. This website will give you much of the background for the major initiatives and votes during that time.


For the next few months you can visit this site for information about our campaign. Visit often for the most up to date information.

To view our resolution on Fracking in Chatham County, please click here.

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Leading the way in educational opportunities

Creating job opportunities throughout the county

Protecting our Natural Resources


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BLOG posts

Promises Made - Promises Kept

April 15, 2014

Pam Stewart, Walter Petty and I have had the honor of serving as County Commissioners since December 2010 and are candidates for reelection.  As we talk to friends, neighbors and residents, we hear their frustration with the dysfunctional nature of partisanship.

Fortunately, at the county level we are able to avoid that problem to a large degree.  We get to be more connected with our residents than officials in “higher” office. Our cell phone numbers are on the county website and we hold town hall meetings throughout the county. Party affiliation and labels aren’t important locally. Actions and results are what matters.

 When we took office, we promised to; increase support for education and safety, maintain and improve environmental protections, make Chatham business friendly, be open and transparent, and not raise property taxes. 


Decicions and Votes

BOC voted to assist those most in need with affordable housing funds

August 2013

I am happy to say that we as a board voted during our August 2013 meeting to allocate the affordable housing funds from Briar Chapel to those who will be helped the most. We voted to dedicate $450,000 to the Family Violence & Rape Crisis Center, $350,000 to Chatham Trades and the balance to Habitat for Humanity.


Initiatives: Budget

Budget funds priorites without tax increase

The theme of this year’s budget is ‘Working together is success”.  By working together with our departments, the school administration, the Sheriff’s department, the Community College, and others we were able to fund the county’s priorities without an increase in the property tax rate for the 4th consecutive budget year.